Real Solutions


For Real Life Issues

Are you in a crisis? Do you feel the need to make sense out of the events going on in your life? Do you have questions about love? jobs? whether you should be making a life-change? Do you just want to know more about your True Life Purpose and create a deeper connection to Universal Guides and your personal angels?

Holistic Tarot

Your Innate

Soul Wisdom

HOLISTIC TAROT can connect you to your innate Soul Wisdom, the place from which you can become empowered to make positive life affirming choices for yourself! Holistic tarot is an integrative approach to healing and guiding the Body, Mind and Spirit to wellness. Encompassing my 45 years of experience as a reader, Shaman, Holistic Counselor and coach, I weave together Tarot, Intuitive Guidance, Reiki, Expressive Arts and energy medicine to offer you a complete, customized, integrative healing experience to help you solve problems that keep you from living a vibrant and healthy life!

These integrated techniques gently guide the Soul from the illusion of fear to the Wisdom of the Heart, where all answers lie, offering the freedom that lies within your own authenticity and concious choice. Soul Wisdom Healing integrates and supports the release of deep wounds, unwinding unconscious fear based patterns of the mind. The shift involves being centered within the intuitive abundance and wisdom of the heart. Each session is unique to each individual. Tarot, flower essences, shamanic journeywork, astrology, jungian dream interpretation, angel therapy, past life exploration and soul path review all afford you deeper insight into your rightful place in the Universal Pattern which is your life.