Events & Classes


FRIDAY MAY 31, from 6:30-8:30  INTRODUCTION TO HOLISTIC TAROT AND THE MAJOR ARCANA   $30 per class or pay in advance and take the series for $100                                                                                     This four part Certification Series deepens your innate connection to your Psi ability and gives you an in depth look at the elements that comprise Tarot. Become more than a READER! Become a SPIRITUAL GUIDE!

FRIDAY JUNE 7, from 6;30-8:30 THE MINOR ARCANA AND  DIVINE NUMEROLOGY  The “Lesser Wisdom” of the Tarot speaks to our everyday concerns. Divine Numerology puts us in touch with each person’s Universal Timeline. Come explore yours!

MONDAY JUNE 10, from 6;30-8:30 THE COURT: UNDERSTANDING THE CHARACTERS, DIVINE ASTROLOGY AND THE ELEMENTS               Who are these people? And what are they doing in my reading? Learn the Divine Astrology and identify the Elemental qualities of each member of your Court!

MONDAY JUNE 17, FROM 6:30-8:30 PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER     The final class of the series;Learn how to combine the elements of Tarot to deliver an accurate and inspirational Reading for your clients.  $30

BECOMING AN URBAN SHAMAN; PERSONAL STUDY with Singing Night Hawk Woman, Cris McCullough Begin by taking a Shamanic Journey to connect with your Spirit Guide, a Compassionate Spirit who can assist you in your healing work.

Then travel around the Wheel of the Year as you obtain the skills and knowledge to become a Shaman for your community. Among the things you will learn; Aligning with your Spirit Guide(s);Listening and understanding your dreams; Building and using Sacred Fire in ritual and ceremony; Working with Plant Spirit Medicine through wildcrafting; Becoming a Link of Light between Gaia and Compassionate Spirits of Healing and more!

Classes held at Northern Lights Holistic and in other locations. $40 per class.

To pre-register call 401-293-5655 or go to