As I write this, on 2/2/2022, the quarter holiday of IMBOLC vibrates to #10 (The Wheel of Fortune) and #1 (The Magician). We enter this time of Renewal empowered to make positive Change. All the tools are at our disposal, anything is possible. But we can also utilize our power mindlessly and bring destruction.  At the same time, we enter the Year of the Water/Black Tiger, on the Chinese calendar. Power, passion and daring are called for and rewarded. On a global scale it warns of confrontations, with neither side willing to compromise. Astrologically, Pluto moves into the same position in our countries Natal Chart of 1776. In a way, we are right back where we started. What will we make of this auspicious and volatile time?

Bridget is the Goddess of Fire, of re-creation. She was the Patroness of metal workers, who forged something beautiful from the raw materials of the Earth. Each of us will be put in to the Fire of Creation, tested to see if our way is True.

Here is a simple spell for RE-BIRTH, taken from “The Green Wiccan Year” by Silja. This spell can erase curses and/or negativity while opening a way into the Light.

Take your cauldron or a vessel and fix a black candle in the center. Fill it with water so the candle¬† is about 1/2 inch above the waterline. Light the candle with this invocation, “Sacred Brigid come to me; Bring your calm; Bring your grace; bring your love, bring your strength, bring your knowledge; SacredBrigid come to me”. MEDITATE ON THE POWER OF THE FLAME TO REMOVE ALL NEGATIVITY: ” CURSES, NEGATIVITY, LEAVE US NOW AND LET US BE” Watch the candle burn until it extinguishes itself, thus removing all negativity from you and yours. Do not use the candle again, instead bury it in a place you will not walk over or cast it into the sea.

There are many other rituals to Brigid available; consult Grimoire for a Green Witch by Ann Noura or other sources. This is just one of many that can bring you, cleansed, into a new place of empowerment.