Blessed Imbolc 2024!

Blessed Imbolc 2024!

In the category of , “You can’t make this stuff up!”, The Universe, in Her infinite wisdom, randomly revealed the following commentary to inspire us during this Blessed time of the Year. St. Brigit’s Day was February 1 and Candlemas follows on February 2. Both Goddess oriented feast days remind us of the cycles of the seasons. They remind us that we humans are a necessary  part of these cycles, and can learn to be at one with the rhythms of the Seasons. All the more important as The Earth enters into the shifts evoked by Climate Change.

Synchronicities abound!

Remember, I choose these cards randomly, without looking at the graphics, shuffling while simply asking what wisdom does the Divine wish to impart.From the 44 cards of Doreen Virtue’s “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards”, the random draw was the Goddess Brigit, Herself! Her message: “DON’T BACK DOWN” “Stand up for what you believe is right”  In part the narrative says:” First, be quite clear about your intentions. Like a candle in the dark, be clear and bright in what is acceptable to you in this situation. Now is the time to touch your power, for its heat and flame will propel you forward in countless waysEven in the face of fear, you can still stand up for your ideals and your truth.”

Ancients believe that to be at one with ourselves we need to be at one with our Earth.

Since Brigit is a Celtic Goddess, I only thought it fitting to ask The Earth for her comments(s) using THE CELTIC TREE ORACLE by Liz and Colin Murray. While shuffling, two cards fell out of the deck; SAILLE or WILLOW and MUIN or VINE.

In the Celtic Tree alphabet, Willow stands for the female and lunar rhythms of life. The Goddess Brigit has her Fire Festival during the Willow month. Choosing the Willow Ogham card reveals your femenine side, one that we all posses to some degree and one when, complemented by the male, creates a truly balanced Spirituality. The female gift of fertility is represented by Willow. Her catkins appear early in Spring before leaf buds unfurl and contain nectar that rouses the bees from winter and begins their  summer round of pollen bearing.

MUIN or VINE is connected to  the release of prophetic powers. It dissolves inhibitions and allows you to speak more perceptively and truthfully than you otherwise would. Let go of your logical attributes and gather other resources in order that subtle intuition can surface and lead. Let your Soul open so that it is able to harvest and gather together all the signs and omens that it is capable of comprehending, if only you will permit it to do so.

Do as you will, but harm none.

These powerful omens are offered by the Goddess during this potent time. Take what you need, use with integrity and walk your talk as you move at one with the rhythms of the Universe. So mote it be.