2023 Nostradamus Tarot Reading

2023 Nostradamus Tarot Reading

As we enter 2023, we are filled with HOPE (and perhaps, just a little anxiety) about whatmay lie in store. Writer, Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.” Allowing is a grace, and one of the hardest Soul lessons we humans need to learn on our Earth-walk. 2023 vibrates to the number 7, associated in the Tarot with The Chariot, the card of Choice. There will be many opportunities during this year to make Choices, both large and small, on the public and private stage. The Spiritual Lesson of the Chariot is that we, and only we, can pick up the reins of our life, chart our course and steer the Chariot in one direction or another. If we make considered Choices with a full heart, and take responsibility for our choices, we can be assured of never making the wrong choice. When we follow a path to its logical conclusion, at the end of that road, there is always another choice. The alternative is to allow others , or your Guides and Angels, to take charge. That IS an option. You may abdicate responsibility, that is a Choice, but then don’t blame the Angels if you don’t like the outcome.

Working with Holistic Tarot or any form of Metaphysical discipline is an act of co-creation with the Universal Forces around us. When we are aware of our strengths, and weakness’, the clues lie in our Astrology and Numerology, we can chart the probable unfolding of events before they occur and, if we so desire, choose an appropriate response.

As we look at our future through this lens, there seems to be more that is optimistic than not. But again, we as individuals and as a people are at Choice. There seem to be hints here about the immigration crisis, about our environmental issues, about the choice to embrace positive values and about our financial health as a nation that are all positive. Certainly after the stressors of the last three years, we seem to be moving into a welcome reprieve. See if you agree.

As I have done for many years, I will cast some cards for the New Year. I like using the Nostradamus deck for this exercise because it is so objective.


Initiating the reading is the 10 of SPHERES in Reversed: The Quatrain X:41

“In the free city, the sound of the lute, Encompassed by cymbals, and great mirth.”

Sounds like last night’s celebrations, right? This card is all about family, security and finances. But in reverse, the story is about chance, hazard, gamble with and perhaps losing all you have gained. There may be a sense of uncertainty as the days go by, but take surrounding cards into account. VISIONS: REVERSED: Chance* Fate* Destiny* Loss* Taxation*Uncertainty*Insecurity

Our challenge is the Four of SUNS: The Quatrain VIII:64: “ Those of the soil will be sustained by it.The spade gives hope to every acre.”

This card indicates coming home to a joyful welcome. It is all about the unity of stable society. It is a good idea to re-establish old alliances that may have become neglected, acknowledge the value of friends and tried and trusted ideas. VISIONS: Society* Alliance* Community* Stay in the country* Success *Prosperity * Advancement

Above in the house of money, the material works, jobs and the physical environment is the 3 of SPHERES Reversed: The Quatrain II:19 “ The newcomers from an undefended place, Will dwell in a previously undefended land”

This is the a card of generous employment. One may be hired to do all sorts of work and praised for ones diligence. A deepening of inner awareness and coming into alignment with the spiritual powers that support you. VISIONS: Power* Importance* Success beginning to develop* Celebrity

Below in the realm of our emotions, feelings and realm of connections/love/community is the MAGICIAN, the number 1:Quatrain III:26 “Kings and princes will raise up images- Auguries rising on a flood of interpretation.”

View the circumstances of a problem and see beyond them. Passing from a state of uncertainty to certainty. The Magician causes things to happen and changes destiny and circumstances by engaging them. He is powerful and effective, an agent of change. VISIONS: Skill* Willpower8 Diplomacy* Mind over matter* Certainty

In the Past lies the number 5, HIEROPHANT: Quatrain II:12 “Eyes closed (but) opened to ancient imagination, Monkish habits will count for nothing.”

The Hierophant represents a person whose wisdom is supreme, someone you may turn to for advice and direction. Yet there is also a sense that tempers the belief in this person’s position of power with doubt and caution. It represents any figure or institution to which we may turn for help or guidance but our personal convictions or beliefs outweigh more established institutions. VISIONS: Convictions or beliefs* Mercy* Traditions* Institutions* Good advice

Ahead in the Future position is the number 14 of STARS, The POPE: Quatrain X:69 “The shining deed of the newly elected elder Will be blown South by the Northward wind” He may represent a judge, high-ranking business executive, powerful supporter or guide. hHe may also a senior churchman or commander in the armed forces. His authority is seldom challenged, but this doesn’t mean they are always right. His star is in the ascendant. He represents discipline, firmness and dedication. VISIONS: Power* Command* Force* Intelligence

“The Self” 13 of SPHERES, The Astronomer: Quatrain IV:84 “Put in chains, at the end of a harsh cable, In the year in Which Mars, Venus Sun appear in the same summer” Depending on the circumstance, she can be generous and supportive in all areas of life. Sometimes a different partner. Wants only the best for her children, which may make her over-protective. VISIONS: A bold noble-hearted woman * Generosity * Confidence * Self assurance *Liberal-mindedness *Prosperousness *Sincerity

“The Environment” 6 of STARS reversed: Quatrain VII:55 “Between two rivers one will be trapped. Barrels and casks will be joined to pass beyond.” The most important theme of this card is the indication of a move away from stale or out-worn ideas or situations to a more satisfactory place. VISIONS: Trying to overcome negativity *Journey *Messenger

“Potential” 6 of SPHERES: Quatrain VI:69 “Great compassion will not be long delayed, Those who give, will be forced to take.”This is about giving to those less fortunate. Alternatively, deciding who will stare your wisdom. A desire to pass on the bounty and stare one’s assets VISIONS: The present * Sudden events *Gifts * Current prosperity * Philanthropy *Kindness * Charity

“Outcome” 9 of SPHERES: Quatrain VI:70 “The great one will be the captain of the world. No other will be more loved, proclaimed or so feared.” This holds the energy of fruition, of reaching a good and happy conclusions. All the work you’ve put in finally pays off. Your life is happy, balanced and productive. Spiritually, you have reached a place of maturity and your deepest desires are fulfilled. VISIONS: Achievement * Consequence * Maturity * Realization *Contentment

“Stella’s Surprise “ or what lies around the corner III, THE EMPRESS Reversed: Quatrain IV:24 “From under the holy Earth, the soul’s voice faintly sounds. The human flame shines as if it were divine.” The Empress can represent the nurturing Mother and is sometimes seen as Mother Earth Herself. This could represent a warning to pay attention to our ECOLOGY and Ecological CHOICES or “the Mother” may turn on us in the coming year. VISIONS: Recklessness *Inaction *Smothering love *Infidelity

“I think that we have to realize that times of stress are also times that are signals for growth, and if we use adversity properly, we can grow through adversity.”— Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski