It’s time for that Annual Tradition of revealing the auspices for the New Year using “The Tarot of Nostradamus” . As usual, I will be quoting from the book itself, by Tarot historians John and Caitlin Matthews and Will Kinghan. But to start let’s look at the NUMBER VIBRATION of the year 2024 which vibrates to the 8. #8 in Tarot holds the Spiritual Energy of STRENGTH; the key words here are Responsibility, Money,, Business and Karma. It is a time to “reap what you sow.”STRENGTH asks us to use our analytical ability, take things slow, don’t be impetuous. For a more in depth analysis of this numerology energy please refer to NUMEROLOGY AND THE DIVINE TRIANGLE by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker..

But let’s get into the cards as they present their wisdom and see if these concepts are represented in the reading.

NOSTRADAMUS READING FOR 2024\The first card reflects the energy we bring in to the New Year or that which we must pay attention to: Reversed POSTULANT, 11 OF STARS:: In reverse it represents a person at a loss for words but who then compensates by embroidering the truth. Because of this he can exacerbate problems by exaggerating or putting on an act. Reversed: An Impostor, Lack of preparation. Powerlessness.Weakness.

The couplet: “A holiness too quiet and beguiling/ Together with a foretelling tongue.”

The challenge or obstacle is THE 3 OF STARS:: Our challenge lies in dealing with Disharmony, Sorrowful Events,, Sadness and Breaking Apart. It often points to a threatened breakdown and emphasizes the darker aspects of life: loneliness,, confusion and feelings of alienation. Unfortunately, the meanings are not much different Upright or Reverse: (Though the results can be ameliorated if more positive cards appear.) Separation, Loss, T ears, Confusion, Lack of judgement, Warfare.

The couplet: “Rule and Law will be raised up under Venus/ Saturn will have empire over Jupiter.”

Above in the Material World( Placement of Money, and Security) is Reversed 3 OF MOONS :“You may find yourself spending a lot of time on your own, feeling miserable and jealous of the success of others, or joining with those who feel the same kind of envy. Blockages and overindulgences are a part of this. Be wary of addictions or accidents as well as those who might seek to puncture the bubble of your success. In Reverse: T ermination, Setbacks Obstacles.

The couplet: “The land will be under the influence of the lunar globe/During which time Mercury will be dominant”

Below represents our emotions and feelings about the situation. THE 3 OF SUNS Reversed appears here: Reversed it can mean Hidden Motives, Distrust, Treachery, Struggle, Defeat or Hope.You may be feeling disempowered, so that getting a new project or long held dream in motion may seem too much of a struggle.

The couplet: “When Venus is covered by the Sun/Then beneath its splendor will it be hidden”

What happens in the PAST always has an effect on the unfolding of the FUTURE. Here in the PAST position is the 6 of STARS Upright: IT represents a Trying to Overcome Negativity, Journey, Travel, Holiday, Messenger. It can indicate a move away from stale or worn out ideas or situations towards a more satisfactory place. It can also refer to the journey of the Spirit beyond life.

The couplet: “Between two rivers one will be trapped?Barrels and casks will be joined to pass beyond.”

Which opens the door to THE FUTURE position seen in the Reversed 8 of SPHERES.:Purposefulness turns to conceit, concern for others into dishonesty, and intrigue and scholarship to careless research.

The couplet reads:”Born under the subjugation of shadows/He will reign supreme and with sovereign kindness”

The “RUN” in Tarot indicates how the above prophecy can unfold. But remember, Tarot is about SELF EMPOWERMENT. Always ask yourself,What is it we can do to change or manifest for the best and highest good of all concerned? Let’s see.

THE SIX OF SPHERES Reversed is in the position of THE SELF: Here it can represent Desire, Greed, Envy, Jealousy, Avarice and Ambition. You may be deciding who might succeed you in a role of authority. Assets may not have been come by honestly. Reversed we see greed and an eagerness to take from others and keep all the money for ourselves.

The couplet reads”Great compassion will not be long delayed/Those who give will be forced to take”

THE REVERSED TEN OF SPHERES lies in the position of our ENVIRONMENT Are we see chance, hazard, gambling with (and perhaps losing) all you have gained. You may feel a sense of growing uncertainty as the days tick by. You could lose everything-home, family and money- but do take into account the surrounding cards. REVERSED MEANINGS: Chance, Hazard, Destiny, Fate, Gambling, Loss, Taxation, Uncertainty, Insecurity

The couplet: “In the free city, the sound of the lute/Encompassed by cymbals and great mirth”

THE NINE OF SUNS UPRIGHT holds the place of POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITY (which depends on the actions we take for good or ill) That being said, this card generally warns of a use threat either personally or at work. You will need all your skill and experience, developed over time, to defend yourself. The card sometimes suggests the need to suspend operations, to take a break and reassess the situation. Reversed it implies obstacles played in your way, with attendant delays and , even in some cases, illness. Situations that seemed dormant may suddenly fear up. Take care of yourself, don’t overstretch your resources and keep your eyes open for veiled attacks fromanyone around you.Upright meanings are Attack, Reassessment, Delay, Adjournment, Estrangement, Frustration, Stagnation, Defensiveness

The couplet:”Accords and pacts will be broken/Friendships will be undermined by discord.”

The FINAL CARD represents the OUTCOME should all infold without interference.12, THE KNIGHT OF SUNS is UPRIGHT. The character of THE KNIGHT can be the adventurer, passionate lover, soldier and subtle politician. One probably enjoys being the center of attention, but the excitement sometimes persuades you to make rash decisions, and to travel away from the road on which you began your journey. Upright meanings include Separation, Departure, Flight, Distance, Journey, Abandonment, Evasion, Moving into the unknown.

****My very first Tarot teacher was a wise woman named Stella Stank. She always turned overan eleventh card, a “wild card” if you will., because, she would say, “The future doesn’t stop here, there is always something around the corner to be aware of.” Here is our ELEVENTH CARD, or what I call “Stella’s Surprise”.

JUSTICE REVERSED: “This card is crucial to any reading.What it offers is a true statement about the issue at hand. It is , in effect, a just assessment of the situation to which you should pay the utmost attention. When reversed, it indicates we are refusing to see the situation honestly, preferring to perceive it from our own selfish view. This often resets in blaming everyone and everything for the things we have caused ourselves.Justice is always impartial and asks us to be the same. If your concern is your own personal progresss through life, it may indicate the need to reassess your approach to life and to acknowledge the the problems you are facing may be of your own causing. Nor should we forget that, beyond the personal, the notion of justice and fairness issomething we can personally implement in our dealings with the rest of the world.” REVERSED MEANINGS: Bias, False witness, Bigotry, Intolerance, Unfairness, Red Tape

The couplet:” There will be peace, unity and change/Low offices will become high and high (ones) low”

PROPHETIC REFERENCE: The establishment of a new workd order in the twenty third century.