It has become a ritual to consult the famous Seer, Nostradamus at the turning of the New Year. I present the auspices of 2022!

THE 2 OF SUNS offers an extraordinary emissary bursting upon the scene filled with optimism, hope and good news.

But they are challenged by the 14 OF STARS, the Pope, a judge, businessman, despotic force/ enemy who will create conflict with evil intent.

The Idealistic dreamers, #12 The INITIATE OF MOONS, offers them an invitation and are compliant to their will.

This results in the Reversed SUN, #8,  quarrels, domestic disputes, regrets, jealousy, and unscrupulous actions.

The counsel is to take this time to rest, review the direction of your life. Events will move quickly and there may be feelings of regret for opportunities lost.

The PAST position, which influences the future outcome, is seen in the #12 of STARS REVERSED, THE CARDINAL, which represents imprudence, conceit, impulsive acts seen in a person whose strength or influence is great but who is rash and impulsive.

The FUTURE, #6 of STARS REVERSED shows immobility and ill health. One may feel backed into a corner and it is best to wait it out until the situation improves. meanwhile there will be revelations attended by notoriety.

The “RUN” in Tarot generally counsels us as to how to approach this. It is our Soul Map of instructions, culminating in the possible outcome. Remember, we all have FREE WILL and TIME is malleable. We CAN affect change if we use our energies appropriately. 

The SUN, #19, asks us to remain optimistic and strive for happiness where we can find it.

It is followed by the #13 of SPHERES, The Astronomer, representing a liberal, bold woman who can lead with confidence towards the POTENTiAL of THE EMPRESS, human love, health, the manifestation of The Divine Feminine, honoring Mother Earth, but we need to take immediate action.

If we don’t follow the Soul Map to the Divine Feminine, the result may be the #2 of SPHERES REVERSED; ignorance, injustice, financial distress and double dealing. Keep an eye on finances or you may become the victim of confusion and injustice.

What lies around the corner, if we fail to follow the Soul Map revealed is the #5 of SPHERES; a struggle to survive. A loss of honesty. We may become poor in Spirit and Lack Self Love.

I believe it is a call to take this time as an opportunity to self reflect. Do we want to slide into the domination of seemingly negative forces of the past or embrace the opportunity to raise up Mother earth and the Divine Feminine and create a new paradigm. You have been counseled. It is now up to you.