Why Become an Urban Shaman?

Why Become an Urban Shaman?

Now more than ever our world is in need of another way of seeing, another way of believing, another way relating to each other, our community and our world. Everything is in a state of flux, in seems, everything seems to be on the cusp of re-creation, including Mother Earth and who we are and want to be as Human Beings. So how do you take back your power and re-define you world and your place in it? Faced with the reality of Climate Change how do we cultivate new food resources?  Faced with distrust in many religions and new explorations into alternative spirituality how do we define new Spirit? Faced with what seems dysfunction and possible dissolution of our health care system, how do we incorporate new health and wellness techniques into the fabric of our lives?  One of the tried and true pathways is Shamanism.

Everyone has a Spirit Guide or Totem, a Compassionate Spirit who is your personal guide and connects you to your innate power.  it can protect you both physically and psychically and, if you are mindfully paying attention, can help you make decisions at major crossroads in your life’s journey.

How do you recognize your Guide and how do you know what it is saying to you?
Many Shamans utilize sound induction through the use of a drum or rattle, or any rhythmic sound, to help move them into an altered state of consciousness. While in this Theta state one’s imaginal mind can transport them to the Lower World where they can discover and commune with their Guide.  A Guide or Totem or Compassionate Spirit is going to get your attention.

Sometimes by doing something unusual or repeatedly or looking unusual.  They can communicate in words, metaphors or images.  Once you return to a more conscious state you can generally “translate” the messages by journaling or drawing what you experienced.

Once you have made the connection it can never be broken. And when you consciously connect with your Totem you will feel stronger and more clear in your thoughts and actions. Increased mindfulness and awareness are two of the benefits of connecting with your Spirit Guide. One pays more attention to the synchronistic signs and signals which are all around us but too often ignored in the rush of a hectic modern lifestyle.

The practice of Shamanism and Shamanic Healing techniques has existed, cross culturally, since human kind left the caves. The ancients relied on the cultivation of  the integration of their innate intuitive and reasoning abilities to help them survive in an ever changing, sometimes brutal environment.  The shamans, medicine people,  and herbalists were our first doctor/healers, psychiatrists and pharmacists.


August 20, 6-9 pm at Northern Lights Holistic, 204 b Clock Tower Plaza, Portsmouth RI. $35
Call 401-293-5655 to register.
Journey to the Lower World to find your personal totem and power animal. Learn how to use this wisdom to empower your everyday life and learn to reconnect to the magic that is your birthright!