The arrival of Spring on March 20th is in alignment with the Sun entering zero degrees in Aires, the planet of New Beginnings and marks a new Astrological year! The Goddess, OSTARA, like Venus, rules love and personal values and we are ready to shed a long, cold, lonely winter and begin anew! An Equinox Ritual to return us to Balance and Peace and Manifest our Desires into being:

Altar Candles are green, peach, yellow, pink or lavender
Incense: Floral scents, Jasmine
Decorate your altar with Spring Flowers and/or items that remind you of Spring
Ritual Items:  a Pentacle (drawn on paper or traced with seed , salt or flower petals, an earthenware or wooden bowl filled with soil, a seed or bulb for planting, a parchment or paper and ink, an atheme and/or wand, matches and a bell

RING BELL 3 TIMES and say: ” I call upon me the blessings of the Ancient Ones, as merry do we meet at this Springtime Rite. Lady and Lord hear your child, for I am here to celebrate with You as we greet the Spring!”
SPRINKLE FLOWER PETALS AROUND THE PERIMETER OF YOUR ALTAR SPACE and say; “Lady and Lord frolic and play; stir up the creatures along your way.” Ring the bell 3 times and say:”Springtime is when we sow the seed; it is the time for me to plant what I want to grow. This season brings hope and joy; expectations for desires are realized and inspiration for new ideas. My Life is brought into balance and I am reborn, resurrected as is the Earth with Her renewal. I welcome thee, Ostara.”
PLACE THE BOWL OF SOIL IN THE CENTER OF THE PENTACLE and focus on the seed as an idea to be manifested. Ring the bell once, and write your “seed” idea or desire on the parchment. Light the parchment from your candle and drop the burning ashes onto the soil. Mix the ashes into the soil with your athame and say: “Lady and Lord, let this soil be prepared and fertile to receive this seed of my desire, that here it may grow, ripen and come to fruition, as it grows and ripens in my heart and mind.”RAISE YOUR WAND AND COLLECT THE POWER OF SPIRIT then direct it to the soil, dig a hole with it and plant your desire. Say: ” By the power of this wand, will the seed be planted in this ready soil. Blessed Be the Wand of Spring and Blessed Be the Earth that receives it.”

As you plant the seed, first hold it to your heart and imbue it with your heartfelt desire. Say,” This seed is planted in the Mother’s womb to be part of the Earth, of Life, and of me. Let this seed and what it represents grow into manifestation. So mote it be.”

Close your circle by ringing the bell 3 times. Tend your intention lovingly and see it manifest as your plant blooms.

Blessed Be.